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Our Mission

Startup Ecosystem Canada (SEC) was established to support Canadian startups build the next world-changing companies. It is our mission to empower visionary Canadian entrepreneurs and startups by connecting them with key stakeholders that can help accelerate their vision. Our team at SEC strongly believes that a better tomorrow is possible by joining hands and supporting the risk-takers of today and the future.

We will start our initiatives through in-person events across Canada and will be adding more programs to help fill in the gaps in the current startup ecosystem. Get early access and learn more about our initiatives.

Our Events

At SEC, we are bringing together great minds through specialized curated events for unique networking opportunities.

Join Our Community And Unlock Exclusive Benefits.

  • Discounted Pricing on Event Tickets
  • Speaking Opportunities at Our Events
  • Access to Private & Curated Dinners
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Business
  • Opportunity to Become a Community Leader
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